The Ghost In The Machine Music Hour

The Ghost In The Machine Music Hour

Mattic presents The Ghost In The Machine Music Hour

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Mattic aka Doctor Outer A American Master Of Ceremony/Sound Editor Who Lives And Works On Music In France Brings You A Musical Experience From His Vast Music Collection Life is like music for its own sake. We are living in an eternal now, and when we listen to music we are not listening to the past, we are not listening to the future, we are listening to an expanded present. Welcome to my universe in sound. Enjoy

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The Ghost in The Machine Music Hour - Episode 25 : Mom & Pops Record Shop Act II

Mom & Pops Record Shop Act II

Liste des pistes 

00:00 Mattic
01:00 Danger! She's A Stranger By The Five Stairsteps 
02:37 Places And Spaces By Donald Byrd
04:23 The Star Of A Story By Heatwave
06:47 Along Came Betty By Quincy Jones
09:10 As Long As I Got You By The Charmels
10:29 Harlem River Drive By Bobbi Humphrey 
13:50 Memory Band By  Rotary Connection
15:19 Undecided By Hubert Laws
16:35 Before The Dawn By Patrice Rushen 
22:14 Ginseng Woman By Eric Gale
26:18 Tell Me A Bedtime Story By Quincy Jones
30:34 Cyclops By Eddie Henderson
33:02 Clair By The Singers Unlimited 
35:34 Storm King By Bob James
38:35 Mucho Chupar By David Axelrod
40:48 Phase By Phase By Peter Baumann 
42:43 Tidal Wave By Ronnie Laws
45:08 Music Is The Key By Weldon Irvine
48:20 Love To The World By LTD
50:36 Smiling Billy Suite Part 2 By The Heath Brothers
52:32 We've Only Just Begun By O'Donel Levy
53:44 Killing Me Softly With His Song By The Singers Unlimited 
55:49 Misdemeanour By Ahmad Jamal
57:10 Mystic Brew By Ronnie Foster

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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 24 : Souvenirs Radiophonique

Track List

00:00 His Name Is Ghost By FP
01:30 Docdial By Aere Perennius 
02:29 Bongos And Sounds By Guy Boyer
03:29 All What I Have By Le Systeme Crapoutchik
05:03 Rollergirl By Anna Karina
06:24 Le Papyvore By Les Papyvores
07:58 Cristal By Les Yeux Fermés
09:40 Danger By Serge Gainsbourg
10:51 La Drogue By Richard De Bordeaux & Daniel Beretta
12:34 Cannabis By De-Nino Ferrer
13:49 Haschisch Party By Georges Garvarentz
16:08 Bernadette By L'oeil
17:33 Asmodai By Tac Poum Systeme 
19:19 Les Chevrons By Catharsis 
21:52 Turn Over By Les Goths
23:45 Un Soir Chez  Norris by Pierre Cavalli
25:40 Sang Pourpre By Igor Wakhevitch
26:57 Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi By Les 5 Gentlemen
28:04 Genocide By Dickens
30:57 Nyl By Nyl
33:58 L.S.D Partie By Roland Vincent
36:06 What I'd Like By Stellius
37:55 J'ai L'air De Quoi By Les Incorrigibles 
39:20 Angel Of Sin By Charlotte Walters
40:50 New Délire By Manon 70
42:25 Le Temps D'y Penser By Erick Saint Laurent
43:45 Le Rateau De La Méduse By Les Fleurs De Pavot
47:02 Eros By Rotomagus
48:43 L'etranger By Alec
49:40 Les Prisons De Sa Majesté By Delphine
51:28 4 Cheveux Dans Le Vent By Bain Didonc
53:18 Psyche Rock By Pierre Henry
54:31 Un Soir De Blanco By Claude Thomain
56:26 Tout Arrive By Aquaserge
58:00 Sexopolis By Jean Pierre Mirouze

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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 23 : BornDay


00:00 Intro (Mattic)
01:33 Happy Birthday By Bahamadia 
02:38 Free As A Bird By Don Sebesky
04:30 I'm Busy By Mike Casey & Issaya Rouson
06:41 Blue Sunday By The Doors
08:47 Glad To Be Here By Lake
11:10 Karasawagi Funky Effect By Hiroki Tamaki & S.M.T
13:03 Rondo By The Dave Brubeck Octet
14:33 A friend By KRS One
16:29 El Renacer By Chico Perdido
18:10 Space Traveler By James Vincent
21:26 Flat Tyre By Spin
23:37 Kirkwood's Passage By Sweeps
25:16 Song For My Father By Horace Sliver
29:08 Bonus Egg Whites By Axel Leon
34:21 Kashmir By Led Zeppelin
37:42 As The Moon Speaks + Returns By Captain Beyond
40:20 If Eyes Were Ears By Dday One
42:53 Oxtopus Boom Boom By J Dilla
44:18 I Want To Take You Higher By Jiro Inagaki
47:30 Blue Silver By Ralph Nowy
49:47 Brother Rabbit By Ekseption 
51:48 A Chunk Of Sugar By Roger
53:29 The Rap World By Pete Rock ft Large Professor
54:59 Likidology By Quasmoto & Tash
56:51 Good Morning World By Del Richardson