The Ghost In The Machine Music Hour

The Ghost In The Machine Music Hour

Mattic presents The Ghost In The Machine Music Hour

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Mattic aka Doctor Outer A American Master Of Ceremony/Sound Editor Who Lives And Works On Music In France Brings You A Musical Experience From His Vast Music Collection Life is like music for its own sake. We are living in an eternal now, and when we listen to music we are not listening to the past, we are not listening to the future, we are listening to an expanded present. Welcome to my universe in sound. Enjoy

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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 43 : Alone But Not Lonely

Track List

00:00 Van & The Ghost (Intro)

00:36 Again Comes The Raising Of The Sun By Albert Ayler

03:20 The Thickets (Feat. Sleepy Brown) By Big Boi

04:30 Two In One (Les Ibeji) By Ayetoro

06:15 Bring 2 By Bilal

 08:42 Get Down By Adot Trakz

09:54 Like Dat (Feat. Cesar Commanche & Phonte) By 9th Wonder

11:08 Banana Zoo By Andre 3000

12:37 Englishman By Barrington Levy

14:09 Mary Jane By Rick James

16:24 Just Another Case By Cru

18:34 Give Me Your Love By Curtis Mayfield

21:36 You're A Star By Aquarian Dream

24:43 Ladies And Gentlemen By Pete Rock & Camp Lo

26:48 Nicotine & Gravy By Beck

28:34 Egg Man By The Beastie Boys

31:14 Rhodesmode By Perry Hemus

34:45 Boyz N The Hood (ft. Fashawn & Pac Div) By Blu

36:15 Oh My God (Remix) By Tribe Called Quest

38:31 Nappy Head (Remix) By The Fugees 

41:01 Track 01 By Jimi Hendrix

43:54 Boylife In America By Cody ChesnuTT 

46:15 Re-Entry To Mog By 101 Strings

48:54 Ten Et Tiwa By Alain Goraguer

50:35 Down By Law By Boot Camp Click

53:27 Hovercrafts And Cows By Flying Lotus

56:00 Bubblin By Jean Grae

56:34 Chicken Grease By D'Angelo

58:46 East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon) By Billie Holiday 

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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 42 : Future Of A Past Present


00:00 Intro
00:29 Oasis By Ashra
03:52 Squash By Don Muro
06:24 Happy Moog By The Happy Moog
08:39 Ploaia Nu E In Zadar By Trio Express
11:17 Holy Fuck By Luxe ft Alexis Taylor
15:10 Beatscape By David Hewson
20:16 I'd Rather Be Sleep By Kero Kero Bonito
22:07 It's Just A Burning Memory By The Caretaker 
24:24 In The Sky With Diamonds By Marty Gold Lucy 
27:08 Eat Static By Panspermia
32:36 Daisy Bell By Nebbed
33:15 Dream Sweet In Sea Major By Artist Unknown
37:22 Hiemal Quietus By Helena Hauff
40:17 Blues Current By John Murtaugh 
42:46 Liquid Diamonds By Leon Lowman
45:26 Nice Boys By Temporex
48:22 A Cold Freezin Night By The Books
50:24 Undertale Ost 037 By Pathetic House 
51:00 Disco Computer By Transvolta 
52:48 Do It Again By Soichi Terada 
55:53 Lay Lady Lady By Mike Melvoin
58:10 Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye By Claude Denjean