The Ghost In The Machine Music Hour

The Ghost In The Machine Music Hour

Mattic presents The Ghost In The Machine Music Hour

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Mattic aka Doctor Outer A American Master Of Ceremony/Sound Editor Who Lives And Works On Music In France Brings You A Musical Experience From His Vast Music Collection Life is like music for its own sake. We are living in an eternal now, and when we listen to music we are not listening to the past, we are not listening to the future, we are listening to an expanded present. Welcome to my universe in sound. Enjoy

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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 15 : Mom And Pops Record Shop Act I

" Mom And Pops Record Shop Act I"

00:00 Intro Mystery
01:34 Mousetrap By Soft Machine
03:37 A Chant For Bu By Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers
06:10 Ain't No Half Steppin By Heatwave
08:30 Tohubohu By Marc Moulin
12:29 Mister Mellow By Maynard Ferguson
15:51 Everybody Loves The Sunshine By Roy Ayers Ubiquity
19:21 White Cloud By Hiroshi Fukumura With Sadao Watanbe
22:17 Oh Honey By Delegation
24:24 Gimmie Some By Freddie McCoy 
27:03 Death Wish Main Title By Herbbie Hancock
30:45 Impeach The President By The Honey Drippers
32:38 On A Clear Day By OC Smith
34:51 The Dunbar High School Band By Less McCann
38:52 Magic Shoes By Main Ingredient
40:34 Peg By Steely Dan
42:05 Reggins By The Blackbyrds
44:04 Bumpin On Young Street By Young Holt Unlimited
48:27 The Runaway By The Blackbyrds
50:15 That Ain't The Way You Make Love By ZZ Hill
52:09 Jennifer's French Movie By Johnny Williams
53:34 Sorceress By Return To Forever
57:21 The Meaning Of Love By Steve Kuhn

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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 14 : Mutual Gazing

"Mutual Gazing"


00:00 Cue C By Fraykers Revenge (Intro)
01:41 Codex By Radiohead
04:13 I'm So Happy When You're Near By The Shaggs
06:09 Red Giant By Mattic
08:44 Mass Appeal Transmission By  BADBADNOTGOOD
13:24 Tune In Tune On (July) By Hal Blaine
15:34 Riverside Drive By Slim Moore And The Mar Kays
17:45 kfk By Nipple Tapes
19:10 Intermission By Nico Muhly 
21:05 You From This String By Artist Unknown
22:45 White Rabbit By Jefferson Airplane 
25:16 (I'm A) Road Runner Jnr. Walker & The All Stars
26:49 Thinkin By Git
27:49 Clouds Catcher feat Count Bass D & Moresounds By Dandy Teru
30:00 Risky Business - Beams By Fraykers Revenge (Break)
31:46 Dusty Rainbow feat Charlotte Savary By Wax Tailor
33:48 If You Can Huh You Can Hear By Mos Def
35:29 The Afternoon Turns Pink By Black Moth Super Rainbow
37:24 Warning Talk Part One By David Axelrod
40:11 Light My Fire By Nobody
40:46 Son Get Wrec (DJ Evil Dee Remix) By Black Moon
42:31 Brand New Funk By DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince 
46:24 A Real Mutha For Ya By Cash Money & Marvelous 
48:30 Stacks Of Wax By Git
48:47 Work It Out By Prince
51:22 Silly Games By atu
52:32 Echidna's Arf By George Duke
54:39 Smile By Snuff Daddy
56:31 untitled (3:04) By Misled Children 
58:07 Mary Et Jeff By Cortex 

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The Ghost in the Machine Music Hour - Episode 13

Rhodes 2 Wreck

00:00 Undergroove By Alan Hawkshaw (Intro)
01:30 Reza By Cal Tjader
03:23 Swinga Sambaby By Trio Mocoto
04:10 Pinnacle By Moacir Santos
06:38 A Riddle By Moacir Santos
08:52 Afro Metropolis By John Cameron
10:56 Virgin Land By Tony Kinsey
13:36 The Rally By Dennis Farnon
15:29 Sojan By Stan Sulzmann 
18:36 Caminando By Eddie Palmieri 
20:50 Slipping Into Darkness By Ramsey Lewis
26:14 Cloudburst By Frank Strazzeri
30:00 Mattic Talk Break 
31:38 Wreckognize By Madwreck
32:14 Come Not Here By Madwreck
34:12 Dutchmaster By Madwreck
35:18 Driftin By Madwreck
37:27 Alright By Madwreck
39:38 Lowrider MK 2 By Madwreck
41:31 Sunset Park By Madwreck
42:14 Jewels Infinite By Madwreck
43:24 They Know By Madwreck
45:05 The World By Madwreck
45:55 Always II By Madwreck
47:45 Juice By Madwreck
48:44 The Dagger By Madwreck
50:58 Every Memory By Madwreck
51:55 Don't Stop By Madwreck
53:09 Dangerous Minds By Madwreck
54;42 Deep Dreams By Madwreck
56:55 Say Yeah By Madwreck
58:28 Let's Get Rich By Madwreck
59:40 Fire In The Sky By Madwreck (Outro)