Track List

00:00 My Love Of Water By Alan Watts (Intro)
01:00 Troupeau De Bisons Sous Un Crane By Zao
02:41 Gotcha By Joe Pass
04:54 Echidna's Arf By George Duke
06:59 Deconnection By Spheroe
09:39 Tee'd Off By The Brecker Brothers
12:14 Packing Up By Bill Conti
14:00 For Gone Disillusion By Noel Mc Ghie
16:43 Epilog By Jack Dejohnette 
19:45 Birds Of Fire By Mahavishnu Orchestra
22:42 Heavy On Wire By Grotesk
25:06 The Venusian Summer By Larry White
28:34 First Come First Served By Ramon Morris
30:42 2001 Space Odyssey By Deodato
33:47 Velvet Darkness By Allan Holdsworth
36:03 Buzzard Luck By Dark
38:11 O.D. (Overdose) By Geneva Connection
40:38 Plastic Creek Stomp By Henry Franklin
42:51 Out On The Coast By Larry Willis
45:30 Yellow Bell By Oregon
46:42 Dailn By Yochk'O Seffer
49:22 Quadrant 4 By Billy Cobham
52:36 Inner Journey By Cannonball Adderley
54:41 Feeling Tense By Stefano Torossi
58:15 Even After All By  Finley Quaye