00:00 Brazil Rap 1 By Daylight Robbery (Mattic Intro)
01:03 Nao Tem Nada Nao By Marcos Valle
03:11 Amazonas (Keep Talking) By Joao Donato
04:49 Rosa Morena By Nana Caymmi
07:38 Marcelo By Algo No Ar
09:50 Asa Branca By Hermeto Pascoal
13:04 Bananeira By Emilio Santiago
15:00 Brazil Rap 7 By Daylight Robbery (Mattic Talk Break)
16:37 Wuye Wuye By West African Cosmos
19:38 Ashewo Ara By Kabbala
21:25 Joe By Marius
23:32 Asmarina By Feqadu Amde-Mesqel
26:21 Ozan Koukle By Lafayette Afro Rock Band
28:25 M.F. Grayson By Ice
30:01 Brazil Rap 4 By Daylight Robbery (Mattic Talk Break)
31:30 Beat Six By Pete Rock
32:36 Beat Twelve By Pete Rock
33:35 Beat Ten
34:52 SV Intro '96 (Unreleased) By J Dilla
36:48 Are You Ready By DJ Jazzy Jeff & Slum Village
37:50 Fall In Love (Remix) By Slum Village
39:57 Estimate By Slum Village
41:10 Forth & Back (Rock Music) By Slum Village
42:02 Blah Blah By Justus League
43:30 Dynomite By Lone Catalysts
44:52 Get The Girl grab the Money And Run By Souls Of Mischief
46:44 Day One By D.I.T.C
48:50 Tempos Atraz X By Azymuth
50:48 Voo De Apolo By Antonio Adolfo
54:19 Love And Aggression By Sergio Mendes
57:34 Beijo Partido By Aquarius
59:00 Brazil Rap 3 By Daylight Robbery (Mattic Outro)